What To Expect

gcmaf yogurt

No metabolic derailment without intestinal involvement. Even Hippocrates saw many causes of disease in the intestine.

Recent research in microbiology now seems to confirm this scientifically – more than 2,000 years later. Therefore, with the additional supply of pre- and probiotics, we attach particular importance to a well-regulated intestine.

What results can I expect from taking GLYCO-D?

Our Many customers report that GLYCO-D is substantially more effective than any other probiotic or yogurt they have ever used. These customers report :

  • increased energy
  • feelings of well-being
  • improved digestion
  • better quality sleep
  • feeling younger skin quality improvement
  • fewer aches and pains
  • and a return to good health.

Is GLYCO-D easy to make?

Yes, GLYCO-D gcmaf yogurt is easy to make, you can also purchase our freeze dried yogurt capsules.

Should I use more than one kind of probiotic?

Except for using our freeze dried gcmaf yogurt capsules you should not take other probiotics. For instance, you can take Yogurt and Capsules at different times of the day to help reconstitute the Microbiome. Alternately you can use the capsules when traveling as these are more convenient. The probiotics found in Glyco-D contain all the bacteria in correct ratios needed for a healthy Microbiome, adding other probiotics could upset this balance.

What if I am lactose or casein intolerant?

Glyco-D gcmaf fermented milk products provide lactose fermenting micro-organisms to help you to overcome lactose intolerance.

Natural Antiviral Action

Thanks to Glyco-D Probiotics’ superior ability to empower the immune system, due in part to its unique composition of Phages (friendly viruses that fight infections), it has rapidly gained recognition as an essential supplement to support the immune system against viral infections.

Natural Antibiotic Action

The best way to fight unhealthy gut microbes, including parasites, is to use their natural enemies, which are the microbes that constitute the healthy human microbiome. The healthy microbes then compete for territory with the unhealthy microbes, and by daily introducing the healthy Glyco-D Probiotic microbes, we routinely strengthen their numbers, and this helps them to win the fight.

Natural Anti-Biofilm Action

In the gut, we find biofilms, which are barriers that unhealthy microbes and parasites, form to cover themselves and to protect themselves from insults that may come from the environment. Glyco-D microbes produce acid molecules that disintegrate these biofilms and expose the unhealthy microbes, to a fight with the healthy Glyco-D microbes.

Natural Anti-Microbial & Immune Modulatory Action

Glyco-D Probiotic yogurt forms 236 new peptides during the fermentation process. These peptides contribute to the overall support of a healthy immune system, and this is particularly useful against candida, and whilst it may take weeks, or even months, in the end, you may see excellent results.


Glyco-D Probiotic is designed to produce the active site of GcMAF by natural fermentation. GcMAF supports a healthy immune system and the body’s activation of macrophages. It can be absorbed through the mucosa cells in your mouth, so it is ideal to swish your mouth with Glyco-D yogurt drink before swallowing.

Reboot Your Microbiome

Significantly, the massive range of probiotic strains that are contained in this superfood, are also present in the gut of a newborn fed only with colostrum, the mother’s first milk. When given to someone who needs support, they can reboot your microbiome back to how nature intended.

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