Allergen Information

Allergen information:

In case of cow’s milk allergy: For the preparation of GLYCO-D Yogurt all milk types from mammals (e.g. also goat and sheep) are suitable. People suffering from milk allergies, especially cow’s milk allergy, should choose a type of milk that they can tolerate.

In case of lactose intolerance: After a full fermentation of GLYCO-D gcmaf Yogurt large parts of lactose are metabolized and converted by the microorganisms. After fermentation by lactic acid bacteria GLYCO-D gcmaf Yogurt contains hardly lactose. Possibly a sensitivity can be avoided by reducing the daily amount of yogurt as far as necessary.

Colostrum Mix as well as Starter does not contain any coloring, preservatives, flavors, sugar, gluten, soy, wheat, rice, starch, egg or nuts.

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