Make Gcmaf yogurt at home

gcmaf yogurt

Use this proven research based GcMaf at home yogurt making kit and in just a few easy steps have health promoting GcMaf yogurt in your own home.

This kit is manufactured under strict controls to ensure you receive the best yogurt kit possible.

To make GcMaf in your own kitchen you do not require any special equipment other than the Gcmaf yogurt kit and normal kitchen equipment and 1 litre of full fat cows milk.


You will need:

1 Litre of whole, organic, pasteurized, homogenized or raw milk (full fat not fat reduced). Do not use Ultra-pasteurized (UHT) milk as the high heat used breaks down the milk proteins. 

You can not use Rice, Soy, Almond or Lactose-Free, 2% or Fat Free Milk these types of milk are not suitable and will not product the desired product. Goat’s milk may be used if the same guidelines are followed.  Final product thickness may change depending on what type of milk is used. Many people find Goats milk produced a runnier end product.

1 Litre pot / saucepan for boiling milk • Large glass bowl  • Plastic, silicon or steel long-handled cooking spoon (not wood) • 1 stainless steel tablespoon or whisk • Paper towels • Aluminum foil.

Firstly make sure that all items you are going to be using to make the yogurt are washed with warm soapy water, rinsed and completely dry.

1.    To make yogurt, pour 1 litre (equals 1 US quart) of milk into a high sided saucepan.  For this recipe use whole mammal milk only.

2.    Heat the milk slowly until it starts to climb the side of the saucepan (boils and foams up). (you need to continually stir the milk to stop it from burning).

3.    Remove the saucepan from heat and allow to cool to room temperature (68-86º F) or (20-30º C) without stirring. Remove skin (casein) that has formed on top and discard it.

4.    Add the Yogurt Cultures and Colostrum into the cooled milk, using a whisk to mix the milk and powders together.

5.    Pour the mixture into a jar or bowl and cover loosely with aluminum foil,  put in a warm place or if using a yogurt maker follow their instructions.

6.    Do not move or stir the yogurt for 24 hours.

7.    In cooler weather you may need to leave the yogurt for 48 hours.

The yogurt will ferment in 24 to 48 hours (depending on room temperature). Check after 24 hours for the proper thickness. If still not ready, check again after 48 hours. You can check from time to time by taking a tablespoon and scooping a small amount from the edge of the container. Do not stir the yogurt because stirring will stop the fermentation process.

If 48 hours is approaching and yogurt is still too runny due to cool conditions, the container can be placed in the kitchen sink that has hot/warm water in it (not boiling) for a few hours to speed up the fermentation process.  Care must be taken to ensure the sink does not over flow when container in placed in it or that water level is much lower then that of the container level.

When 24/48 hour fermentation is complete simply stir your yogurt and transfer a clean jar or container if required and refrigerate. You may split the product into individual single serving glass jars, or it can kept in a larger container. Refrigerate for 2 hours before consuming and keep refrigerated. Discard any unused amount after 2 weeks.

This GcMaf yogurt kit gives added benefits that no supermarket yogurt does as it contains  the health benefits of over 42 beneficial bacteria strains plus lactic yeasts and a prebiotic.

This GCMAF YOGURT contains essential probiotics to restore healthy gut function, digestion and immune health. These probiotics work synergistically with each other and are blended in specific ratios to ensure maximum benefits and is designed to produce active GcMaf from the probiotics interaction with organic colostrum.

For those consumers who are looking for a more convenient way of taking gcmaf yogurt , gcmaf yogurt capsules are available.

gcmaf yogurt
gcmaf yogurt
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