Health Benefits

Top health benefits of Glyco-D GcMaf Yogurt

1. Consists of over 50+ strains of non- pathogenic bacteria
Unlike most fermented food products available today many of which contain 1 to 5 microbial strains, the Glyco-D Gcmaf Probiotic yogurt consists of a large number of different strains of friendly bacteria. These strains effectively work together to ensure optimum gut function. Additionally, consuming a variety of probiotics prevents the establishment of a monoculture environment in the body.

While more is not always better, Our Glyco-D gcmaf probiotic yogurt provides just the right amount of probiotics and in the correct ratios to be most beneficial.

2. Maintaining intestinal health
The non-pathogenic bacterial strains contained in GcMAF yogurt produce ß-galactosidase, sialidase and other enzymes that are essential in maintaining intestinal health. In addition to protecting the intestines from disease-causing pathogens, these enzymes play a critical role in activating MAF proteins.

3. Helps with digestion
The numerous microbial strains contained in Glyco-D Yogurt help in breaking down carbohydrates and hard- to -break sugars for easy digestion.

It also triggers the release of various digestive juices and enzymes that facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and copper.

4. Immune system boost
Gcmaf Yogurt Probiotic triggers the production of GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activation Factor) proteins that boost immune cells, destroy malignant cells and help fight infections and chronic diseases. In essence, this Probiotic yogurt reverses the symptoms of various ailments and conditions.

5. Assists in maintaining normal blood sugar levels
Glyco-D Gcmaf yogurt also helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Many nutritionists and other health experts are now recommending the use of gcmaf yogurt by people living with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

6. Lowers cholesterol levels
Gcmaf Probiotic yogurt helps in weight management by lowering cholesterol levels. It achieves this by increasing the break down excess fat and carbohydrates.

7. Helps with stress reduction
Consuming Glyco-D Gcmaf Probiotic yogurt will help you overcome anxiety and psychological stress. Probiotics are great stress relievers, as they are known to prevent the transmission of stress signals to the central nervous system. Additionally, Gcmaf Yogurt Probiotic also consists of Vitamin D, which is a great antioxidant. This means that this product is also capable of handling oxidative stress.

8. Increases mental clarity
Besides relieving stress, Probiotics play a critical role in enhancing mental health and boosting mood. Mental health benefits associated with consuming Gcmaf yogurt include mental clarity and sharp memory. You may also experience fewer cases of headaches and insomnia by consuming Gcmaf yogurt regularly.

9. Enhances energy
People who experience low energy levels, especially after meals should consider checking the health of their gut. Chronic fatigue means that the gut is not producing enough vitamins essential for the production of energy. Consuming foods rich in probiotics will help the gut to produce extra vitamins and facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients for optimum energy levels.

10. Facilitates detoxification
Detoxification refers to the removal of toxins from the body. Probiotic strains help the body detoxify by increasing the rate of excretion, cleansing the digestive tract and alleviating gut problems. Detoxifying the gut environment and the whole body prevents the accumulation of disease-causing pathogens, further enhancing your health and general wellbeing.

The health benefits associated with probiotics are many. The fact that this special yogurt consists of both probiotics and prebiotics makes it a healthy addition to your regular diet regime.

In view of these benefits, nutritionists and health experts are encouraging people to consume more foods rich in Probiotics, such as yogurt and other fermented foodstuffs. While various products have emerged in the market, promising to offer a potent mix of Probiotic ingredients, nothing beats the effectiveness and potency of the Glyco-D gcmaf Yogurt.

As a precaution, anyone allergic to dairy should consult their doctor before using Glyco-D gcmaf yogurt. However, this product remains ideal for people who are lactose intolerant. This is because it is highly fermented and does not have any traces of lactose.(lactose is broken down during fermentation process)

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