I am sure you know all about the fact that yogurt is great for digestion and general health. GcMaf Yogurt will take everything you know about normal yogurt to a whole new level.

Who hasn’t seen the many TV and magazine commercials all talking about how good yogurt it for your health. There are, however, many health benefits of yogurt you may not know quite yet.


  1. Oral health
    The lactic acid found is yogurt is thought to have a positive effect in protecting gums and teeth from damage and is good for oral health.
  2. Decreases allergy symptoms.
    Many people with allergies find it challenging to do anything outdoors when seasonal allergies hit, you may want to consider eating some of yogurt. The probiotics in yogurt may decrease your body’s reaction to pollen and other allergens.
  3. Yogurt serves as a great pre or post workout snack.
    The carbohydrates in yogurt can either help to fuel you through your workout or replace energy that is lost. The potassium and sodium can also help to replace those electrolytes you sweat out.
  4. May prevent the common cold.
    Sure, the common cold will always be there, but you could help to prevent it. One of the many benefits of yogurt is that it has immune boosting effects. Yogurt has been shown to make your T-cells, or cells that fight infection, stronger and more active.
  5. Helps prevent yeast infections.
    Ladies, you might want to consider yogurt the next time you are given a prescription for antibiotics (using antibiotics usually raises the chances of yeast infections). Yogurt’s active cultures can help balance pH levels and prevent the painfully uncomfortable yeast infection from starting.
  6. May reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
    A recent study was conducted over the course of 15 years with over 2000 participants. The study showed that 30% of volunteers who had at least 2% or more of their calories from yogurt were less likely to develop high blood pressure.
  7. Helps to prevent osteoporosis.
    Dairy in general is a great resource for building up healthy bones as it contains calcium. Look for yogurts with added vitamin D for a better bang for your buck.
  8. Gives you a boost of energy.
    Aside from the energy provided by the carbohydrates, yogurt contains B vitamins which work great if you need a little pick-me-up.
  9. Helps you build muscle.
    Yogurt is a complete protein which means that it contains all of the essential amino acids necessary to build muscle and other tissues in the body.
  10. Yogurt can help you lose weight.
    I list this as the last item, but to many this may be the most important. Yogurt helps build muscle (as stated in the last point), which helps burn fat. It is also, as I stated before, a great source of energy to fuel workouts you may be performing to lose weight. Lastly, yogurt contains a fair amount of protein that helps you stay fuller longer.


While these are all great reasons to eat yogurt every day, the fact is that just about all commercially available yogurts fall short of giving you the maximum health benefits that they could offer you.

The main reason for this is that commercially available yogurts that you purchase at your local store of supermarket only contain a very small amount of active beneficial bacteria and very few strains that have positive effects on the heath of the body.

You will find that many supermarket yogurts only contain 1 or 2 different bacteria and are high in sugar and only contain low amounts of these bacteria, which can help with some health issues but really are not going to give you any real boost to your over all health.


For the past few years there has been a new player in the world of probiotics.

Gcmaf Yogurt has been a leap forward for many people trying to improve their health while not spending a fortune. GLYCO-D is a easy to make Gcmaf yogurt at home.

Gcmaf Yogurt has been formulated to contain over 42 different verities of probiotics with the additional benefits of Bovine Colostrum.

While both Bovine Colostrum and the selected probiotics when used independently offer some great health benefits when combined in the correct ratios the positive effects of each product is increased.

As you can see not all yogurts are created equal, we will discuss on the following pages the importance of Gcmaf yogurt with 42+ types of probiotics and why fermented colostrum is important for good health and why it is important to use a correctly formulated probiotic blend that gives results.

GLYCO-D supports

  • the normalization of the natural human microbiome
  • the intestinal diet with more than 40 probiotic cultures – some of them produce the enzymes ß-galactosidase and sialidase
  • the supply of natural immune-stimulating antibodies from colostrum
gcmaf yogurt
gcmaf yogurt
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